Hello everyone who has landed here!  I am just beginning to put my website together as I work on my college applications.  What an exhausting but fun time in my life. 

I am currently working on two short plays at Fenwick: Clue and Riviera Revisited.  Riviera Revisited is a new play written by our Director, John Sheoph, it's really a fun show and I can't wait for everyone to see it in November.

The musical "The Good Ones, a New Musical," that I co-wrote with my friend James was a great success.  Two of our shows sold out so we added an additional matinee.  What an amazing accomplishment for all of the cast and crew and those that helped along the long journey.  We all worked really hard for the last year on the show and it came to life so beautifully.  The ticket proceeds were donated to CAICC Bolivia, a center for Bolivian children that have lost their parents, The Good Ones raised over $10,000 to the charity, we are all so proud!

I hope you enjoy looking at all of the photos of some of my favorite shows as much as I did when pulling this all together, it brought back so many wonderful memories.  Unfortunately, many have me with a mask on, I guess it's just a reminder of how life throws curve balls so it's best to always be prepared for the unexpected.

I'm looking forward to updating this page when I hear back from colleges and possibly venture into auditions. I love being on stage, it's where I transform into the best version of myself. 


 Mari' bel